Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing

Whether you’re a corporation looking to adapt and target your branding, marketing, and advertising for new markets, or an agency working toward these goals on a client’s behalf, TransPerfect’s multicultural marketing solutions help ensure maximum impact for your efforts.

Significant time and energy goes into producing your source-language copy and creative – make sure you don’t shortchange your global efforts by settling for straight translation.

Through the use of expert copywriting and marketing linguists, and the implementation of technology tools to help streamline processes, TransPerfect helps create efficiencies across the entire campaign lifecycle. Furthermore, all projects are completed under our independently certified quality management system, ensuring highly accurate and culturally appropriate deliverables—every time.

An Agency-Style Approach

Multicultural Marketing - Ideate
Multicultural Marketing - Planning
Multicultural Marketing - Adapt
Multicultural Marketing - Implement


Cultural Consulting

Hours of thought go into selecting every tiny element of a campaign—the finest details can often make the difference between success and failure. When international markets are involved, cultural nuances can be too numerous to track, and the full creative process needs to be replicated in each market. TransPerfect’s cultural consultants possess or gather current, reliable, and insightful information about your concept(s), your target market, and how to best adapt existing copy or to create original copy/creative that will produce the desired result. With TransPerfect working for you, your executive and strategic teams will have the necessary information to make intelligent business and marketing decisions.


Transcreation and Copy Adaptation

The standard translation process aims to produce final text that matches the source language as closely as possible without changing the meaning. When advertising copy or other marketing language is involved, the priority shifts to maintaining the concepts, meaning, and significance of the source message, regardless of what text changes are required.

Taglines, headlines, and other creative marketing copy are often based on culturally dependent elements including idioms, puns, word play, insinuation, subtext, or rhymes in the source language. If translated directly into another language, these elements may not make sense, or worse, can be potentially offensive.

TransPerfect’s transcreation and copy adaptation services are led by an experienced project manager who works with a team of several linguists—each with a background in advertising, marketing or the most relevant subject area—to develop the most appropriate creative solution for the target market(s).

This is a collaborative process between TransPerfect and the client. We will present the client with several options, each with a back translation and a detailed explanation of why specific words or phrases were chosen and what impact those choices will have in the target culture. Together, we will determine the best final language that we think will resonate with the target audience.

Brand Management

Any organization’s most valuable asset is its brand. Properly managed, a brand evokes a certain set of thoughts, impressions, emotions, and assumptions about your product or service that can lead to sales, notoriety, engagement, and loyalty. Brand perceptions vary from market to market, and TransPerfect approaches each target country, region, or audience as an independent brand study.

With decades of expertise helping organizations of all sizes and statures manage their brand reputation across global markets, TransPerfect has a proven record of delivering results. Whether your brand is established and conservative, growing and edgy, or somewhere in between, TransPerfect can assemble the proper global brand management resources to ensure your image is properly conveyed in every market.

Name Testing

There are few decisions more important than what you choose to name your product, service, or company. And while it would be convenient if this name was equally meaningful and impactful in all markets, the truth is that history is full of cases where a name’s meaning and connotation simply did not translate effectively from one language to another. Or worse, where a name may have had an alternate meaning that was damaging or embarrassing.

TransPerfect offers full agency-style name testing services involving expert marketing professionals in-language, in-country, and in-market, as well as focus groups and research teams to ensure that your international marketing efforts are built on a powerful and culturally appropriate name.

Image Consultation

A picture can say a thousand words, and when that picture is somewhere outside your home market, trust TransPerfect to help guarantee that you are conveying your intended message.

TransPerfect’s cultural consultants take great care in choosing the perfect image(s) for your multilingual campaigns and collateral. Whether using stock photography, digital art, charts, diagrams, or other graphical elements, ensuring the proper subjects, models, and colors can mean the difference between success and failure.

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