Content Authoring & Management

Content Authoring & Management

Structured Content Management

TransPerfect has two divisions within our global family of companies dedicated to structured content management XML / DITA content solutions. Both platforms are robust, scalable, and are being actively supported, developed, and improved. Depending on your organization's specific needs, we encourage you to consider both platforms—as we feel confident that at least one of them will meet your requirements.


CMS Consulting

Through TransPerfect’s Vasont Systems division, we offer workshops and consulting services for content management and related topics (e.g., XML, SGML, DITA). You can have direct access to experts that can assist with all aspects of content management strategy, including:

  • Analyze CMS strategy to provide suggestions for improvement or training
  • Explore the potential for integrations with other business systems to increase efficiency
  • Review your CMS configuration to maximize content reuse to save authoring time and reduce translation costs
  • Create multi-departmental workflows to more effectively share content

Lean on our consultants either pre-implementation to determine strategy or to analyze a live setup.

Contact Vasont to learn more.

Content Authoring and Optimization

Our content globalization solutions can:

  • Reduces source text volume
  • Dramatically reduces localization and deployment costs
  • Greatly improves consistency and raises content usability
  • Streamlines the multilingual content delivery process

By working with the original content, our source-to-source process combines globalized writing, editing, and content structuring techniques with state-of-the-art translation memory (TM) tools. The result is maximum usability for your content and much lower printing and localization costs.

To learn more, contact one of our content authoring consultants here.

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