Globalization Consulting

Globalization Consulting

Going global is a goal of many organizations in the world, but what exactly that means to each company differs—sometimes significantly. And simply expanding into international markets isn’t necessarily a great idea without a specific, targeted plan. TransPerfect’s globalization consulting experts can work directly with you to determine which markets to target and how to go about doing so in a fashion that benefits your business the most.

Language Best Practices

With over 20 years of experience in helping take organizations around the world. TransPerfect has amassed a wealth of knowledge and resources to draw upon in helping recommend a course of action for your company. Whether you’re looking to meet legal requirements in Canada or reach new markets in Asia or Eastern Europe, TransPerfect’s consultants can work directly with your teams to make determinations on things like language choices, dialects, launch schedule, and cultural nuances.


Supporting an expanding global organization can be difficult. The cost and time requirement of bringing on new employees is often burdensome. TransPerfect can work with you to determine what types of personnel are essential to reaching your globalization goals, and also where to find them. In cases where it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time employee, TransPerfect has an array of contract and temporary staffing resources available to you—ensuring that you never need to add headcount to support new languages.


Each organization has unique requirements and workflows when it comes to managing multilingual content. Whether you use internal linguists, in-country reviewers, brand captains, or even if you have no internal language resources whatsoever, TransPerfect’s consultants can work alongside you to maximize the positive impact of your internal resources while also bringing in other quality control steps offered by TransPerfect (or other groups) to assemble the best possible process that meets your requirements.


If your organization handles multilingual content on a regular basis, chances are that you could benefit from one of the many translation management technologies available. Whether your goal is to simplify website localization, streamline workflows, traffic requests, or manage translation memory assets, there are a number of solutions that can save you time and money while also increasing language quality. TransPerfect’s expert technology consultants can help you determine exactly which technologies can benefit you and what the potential return on investment could be.

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